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Cas Cup is a social touch football tournament open to players of all skills levels.

At Cas Cup we offer Social and Open divisions as well as a Men’s Master’s division. 


The open division provides the more competitive teams an opportunity to play in a more challenging division. The social division is for our teams not looking for an extra challenge and rather participate for the social aspects of the tournament.


Cas Cup also offers 35’s Men’s Master’s division at the tournament.

All players taking the field at Cas Cup are required to be a minimum of 14 years of age. This includes players turning 14 before December 31st in the same calendar year of the Cas Cup tournament.

To participate in the Men’s Masters Division at Cas Cup players must be a minimum 40 years old. This includes players turning 40 before December 31st in the same calendar year of the Cas Cup tournament.

Each team will need to decide on a team manager prior to nominating. This team manager will be required to complete the nomination process.


Team Nomination Process

  1. Team manager to complete online team nomination form through MySideline. (Nominate a Team Here) 
  2. Pay the Queensland Touch Football Invoice when received via email.
  3. Log in to manager.mysideline.com.au to monitor player registrations. All players must be registered to their team to take the field at Cas Cup and receive injury insurance. (Register to your Team here) 

Players can play for a maximum of 2 teams. Players can only play for 2 teams if the teams are different competition types (Men’s/Mixed/Women’s).


For Example: Players can play for both a Men’s and a Mixed Team or a Mixed and a Women’s Team.

Other Examples: Players cannot play for two Women’s teams, A Men’s and Men’s Masters or a Mixed Open and Mixed Social team.

Individuals are encouraged to nominate to participate in Cas Cup. If you do not have a team, fill out the form on the Individual Registration page here


Once received, we will try to connect you with another team to play with at the competition.

To take the field at Cas Cup, all players need to be registered to their team (including Team Managers). Once nominated, players need to complete online registration through MySideline. Register to your team here

The team manager is the person responsible for nominating the team. After accepting this role, the team manager is responsible for some key duties to ensure the team is ready to play in the Cas Cup tournament. These duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Receiving and passing on all relevant communications.
  • Ensuring all players are registered to their team.
  • Receiving and paying the team invoice.


For more information on team manager responsibilities, please see the Team Manager Information Booklet. <link PDF’s -> Cas Cup Team Manager Information Booklet>

The team fee for Cas Cup is $499 (no discount applied). Teams are required to pay the full fee prior to the financial due date to be included in the tournament draw. See Key Dates.


After nominating your team, the team manager will receive an invoice via email to the email they provided when nominating the team. This email will include an invoice number for the team manager to use when paying the invoice.


Please note – this process is not automated so it may take some time for you to receive your invoice. If you do not receive your invoice within 5 business days, please Contact Us.


For more information, please see the Team Fees page for more information here.


Please Note, Each player will be required to register to their team. Players who haven’t paid their National Membership fee in the current financial year will be required to pay $22 upon registration to their team.

Teams are guaranteed a minimum of 4 games throughout the tournament. Depending on team performance, teams can progress to extra finals matches.

Games will continue through light and moderate rain. The Tournament Director will be on site to ensure conditions are suitable for play.


The Tournament schedule is subject to weather and venue conditions. Late changes to fields and game times may be utilised to ensure conditions are safe to continue. All updates will be communicated to Team Managers as well as announced over the PA system at the grounds.


Please refer to the Cas Cup Conditions of Entry for details on cancellations here. <link to COE>

Cas Cup will have qualified first aid attendants throughout the tournament.


When registering to the tournament, players will be covered for injury insurance through the TFA National Membership. Please see more information on the TFA National Membership Model here.


If an ambulance is required, please refer to the Cas Cup Conditions of Entry here. <link to COE>