If you are a spectator attending the QLD State Cup at any time, you MUST check-in! This can be done a number of ways;


All pre-registrations must be completed before 5pm Wednesday 25 November. From this date onward you will be required to check-in each day at the event using the QR codes available at the venue.

Once you pre-register you will be sent a confirmation email on Thursday 26 November.  Please keep this on you as QTF Event Staff will request to view this throughout the event. 


There will be QR codes available throughout the venue for ALL spectators to complete check-in.

You are required to check-in each day, unless you have pre registered and received a confirmation email of your pre registration.

NOTE: Spectators MUST show their confirmation e-mail (either pre-registration or QR check-in) to QTF Officials when requested at the event.